Say it!, Pray it! -

Say It!

For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ hath not wrought by me, to make the Gentiles obedient, by word and deed,

Romans 15:18

Pray It!

Father,  I thank You because I only speak of those things that You have given me to speak.

Amen.…

Equally Faithful

Many times in the Word of God, Jesus talked in parables. He told stories. And of course the story had a moral to it. One parable is found in Matthew 25. It is referred to as “The Parable of the Talents”.

The story is about a landowner who, before he goes on a trip, called in his employees and gave them each a certain sum of money. There are a lot of different views on the value of the talents given, but all seem to agree that it was a lot of money. One employee was given five talents, another was given two talents, and the third employee was given one talent.

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The Positive Charge!

I waswalking down the hall one morning when Ebony said, “Good morning.” I responded with “Good morning, Ebony, how are you today?” Ebony cheerfully said, “I am doing great, and I am glad to be here!” Wow, what a godly, positive attitude. Glad to be here! What a way to start the day.



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Maybe, Maybe Not

Have you ever experienced doubt?

One second, we can be sure of a certain course of action. We feel good about whatever it is: purchasing an item, accepting a promotion or a lateral change, taking a relationship to the next level, selecting a name for the baby, etc. We have even prayed about it and feel this is what God desires for us. Then before you know it, that feeling of confidence turns to uncertainty, and doubt starts to set in. We start to question our actions and decisions. Not that I have ever done this, but I am told….well let me put it this way, I have not doubted anything in the last five minutes.

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From Season to Season

As a consumer, I thank God for retailers who recognize the importance of timely changes for seasonal merchandise. In fact, in retail it appears that that’s what it’s about: going from one season to the next.

I see it firsthand when visiting a store: items are being put up or taken down, shelves are being adjusted or removed, and activity is always going on preparing for the next season or holiday. New Years, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, inventory, Fall, Summer, Valentine’s, and on and on. Some seasons are more demanding than others, but retail is all about seasons.

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