Say it!, Pray it! -

Say It!

For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ hath not wrought by me, to make the Gentiles obedient, by word and deed,

Romans 15:18

Pray It!

Father,  I thank You because I only speak of those things that You have given me to speak. Amen.… Read more >>

Thanks for the Meal!

Sitting in a restaurant with some friends, we noticed a family with young children bowing their heads to “say the blessing.” We could not help but grin as the toddler looked around while the dad led them in prayer. She had her hands folded in a manner that looked like she was praying, but those big eyes were watching us. Hey, she was about two…she had other things on her mind.  But this dad was teaching her at this early age about being thankful.

Saying grace or the blessing before a meal is common in our society. Many of us practice this or have seen it. If you walk into a restaurant and see people with their heads bowed, you already know what they are doing.

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A Fountain of Life

fountainA Grand Opening of a Hobby Lobby store is an event. The community usually shows up in full force and what a spirit of excitement. I have noticed it does not matter if it is California, New York, or Iowa; there is a strong support for us. One of the last grand openings I attended happened to be over a holiday weekend. At times, because of the holiday, community chamber members and ambassadors may not be there. Well not at this one! The holiday weekend was not stopping this community! They were getting “their” own Hobby Lobby and they were thrilled! Read more »

Time Out!

file000640756889It is interesting to listen to managers who drive every day. The managers I talk with have learned to use drive time as their quiet time with God. Driving to the store, they commit the day into God’s hands, and driving home they leave the issues of the day in God’s hands.

It is not easy to find a good time to pray. In fact, a “good” time will not just happen. Quiet time with God in prayer is planned.

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What a Gift!

image001During the breakout sessions of the Co-Managers meetings, I have learned over time that the same questions are asked. So in order to cover the material within the time frame, I explain to the group that I will ask and answer the questions. Of course, we laugh; but afterwards they agree that the questions they had were answered.

Well, that is what I am going to do today—ask and answer questions.

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