Expectation vs. Reality


SDRandCo (4)My 3 year-old son is obsessed with dinosaurs. If you ask him what he would like to do for the day, his reply is almost always to go to the museum and see the dinosaur bones.

Recently during a family outing to the zoo, he was pretty disappointed to be heading to see animals when he really wanted to go see dinosaurs. But surprise, upon entering the zoo… lo and behold, there was a big dinosaur. A BIG animatronic dinosaur advertising an upcoming traveling exhibit. Well, needless to say, his day was MADE!

My son expected disappointment and what he got in return was a nice surprise. I absolutely love when this happens to us. We can be in the middle of an unpleasant circumstance and fear the worst. But surprise…. Somehow the outcome is a nice surprise…. Nothing like we may have thought it would be. Our day is made!

But wait…. What happens on the flip side of this scenario? Let’s go back to my son for a minute. As a mom, I have to prepare him for reality. I don’t want him thinking every time he goes to the zoo, the dinosaurs will be there. And I have to prepare him for the reality that, things do not always turn out like we think.

Sometimes our loving Father has to prepare us the same way. God knows our hearts. He is aware of how we think “things” should turn out. And sometimes things do turn out like we think. And our day is made! Then there are the times when they don’t work out like we planned. And yes, those times can be disappointing. It isn’t usually until we are out of the situation that we can reflect and see that God was actually working.

Here is GREAT news though. Psalms 37:4 states, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Now let’s be honest, most people only pay attention to the latter portion of this scripture because that seems to be the really good part… we get what we want right! But oh how we miss the true meaning and provision for us if we skip the first portion. It is when we delight in the Lord…. when we spend time with Him, talk to Him, find great pleasure in Him… that is when our desires become our reality. You see, when our biggest desire is to really know and please God, then our heart’s desire is to live in the perfect will of God, whatever that may look like.

Is this an easy process? No. We are human and we want what we want. Is this an ongoing process? Absolutely, but God is faithful and He does what He says he will do. Spend time with Him, really get to know Him, delight in Him and watch Him prove His love for you.

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