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No Throwing Stones

 Jesus was in the temple teaching when some religious leaders brought in a woman who they said was caught in adultery. The religious leaders tried to explain to Jesus (the Son of God) what the law commanded in such situations.

John 8:6-8 “This they said, tempting him that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when Read more >>

Be of Good Cheer!

Spring is almost here! Last week in the Kansas City area, we actually had SUNSHINE!!!! Sunshine and warmer weather (at least for a few days). It was great. It was a taste of what is coming. A new season. Have you ever noticed how long some seasons appear to be? We say things like, “When will winter end?” and before you know it, we are saying, “When will winter get here?”

Sometimes seasons in our

Salvage Center

Recently I passed a sign for a salvage center. I laughed to myself and remembered back to when it was called a junk yard. I guess salvage sounds better than junk just like pre-owned sounds better than used. Hey there was even a time when someone my age was considered old, but now I am seasoned! It is all in the wording. Well anyway, the salvage center got me thinking about the Read more >>

And Everyone Said…

In a number of previous devotionals, I have mentioned how diverse we are. Yet in the middle of all this diversity, I find one word that most of us are familiar with—the word Amen!

This word is usually said or sung at the end of a prayer or hymn. It is a word that is used to express or indicate agreement with whatever was just spoken or sung. (And this word is usually said Read more >>