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Mary or Martha?

The apostle Luke tells us a story about a woman named Martha. Martha became frustrated over things that were going on around her. She was distracted and anxious. She was upset thinking she was the only one working. The story makes me smile. Martha is so human. She even suggested to Jesus that he tell her sister Mary to get up and help her.

Luke 10:40 “But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came … Read more >>

Bumpy Ride

I was standing in line ready to board a plane when the attendant asked the group of passengers if we had noticed the TV monitor. Of course, most glanced up and there it was, the weather channel showing storms directly over our first stop. The attendant then proceeded to explain to us that it would be a bumpy flight. And guess what happened? Nothing! No one reacted. No one got out of line.… Read more >>

Just Wait!

According to the dictionary, there are a number of definitions for the word “wait”. One in particular is “looking forward expectantly.” The other day, I had to wait in an airport. As I waited I looked forward expecting my flight to arrive. During the wait, I was able to make some contacts, read, and visit with others who also were waiting. So waiting does not indicate doing nothing.

 …

Big Ears!

A few weeks ago at the Redding, CA grand opening, I was reminded of something.  As I stood out front greeting customers before the ribbon cutting event, along with the comments of how the community was excited that Hobby Lobby was opening, the weather also was talked about.

There was a cool breeze, and I thought the temperature was great, and it was a welcome relief for me. However, there were customers in line who Read more >>